International Summer Piano Courses 2021





Prague Conservatoire





2 – 12 July 2021


Master-courses are opened for interested persons from the age of 11 years /born from 2010 and earlier/: students of elementary music schools, conservatoires, music academies, professional as well as non-professional musicians, music school teachers etc.  /no superior age's limit/. They belong to Prague Conservatoire's project The Young Piano of the Prague Conservatoire supporting young talented pianists.


Courses will be held at the main school building Na Rejdisti street.


The best participants can perform on some of three public concerts in conclusion of courses.



Main school building
of The Prague Conservatoire
with the Concert Hall 




Doc. MgA. Ivo Kahánek, Ph.D.   Academy of Performing Arts in Prague,

                                               Prague Conservatoire

Doc. MgA. Martin Kasík, Ph.D. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague,

                                              Prague Conservatoire

Prof. Avedis Kouyoumdjian**  - we are very sorry, Professor Kouyoumdjian had to APOLOGIZE at the last minute!

MgA. Milan Langer                  - Prague Conservatoire

MgA. Michal Rezek, Ph.D.           - Prague Conservatoire 

**Notice: Professor Kouyoumdjian will teach besides older professional pianists and piano students with a professional orientation (conservatories, academies etc.) advanced course participants only. You can demonstrate an appropriate level e.g. by diploma-copies of important competition successes or by video-recording from a live concert performance. Thank you for understanding.


Ivo Kahánek, Michal Rezek, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Milan Langer

Milan Langer, Michal Rezek, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Martin Kasík


Form of participation:   

  • active
  • passive
  • as a company of a child - course's participant up to the age of 15

Participants of courses up to 15 years of age must have a company!



  • 5 lessons /45 min./ for an active participant

  • the option to choose a lector​ 

       /decide two names, the schedule of one could be full. On request, it         is possible to divide the teaching among several lectors /state this in         the application in the section "Special wishes"/

  • free entrance to all lessons

  • classrooms for practicing available

  • every participant /both passive and active/ will receive certificate confirming his/her participation in the course


Each participant /even a company of a child/ will fill his own application form

Organizer will confirm receiving of your application by e-mail in no time.

While the course fee comes to Conservatory bank account the Courses’ entrance will be confirmed in no time.




Deadline for applications of active participants

together with the payment of the course fee

is extended to June 10, 2021



Detailed information on the current situation HERE


When you do not receive any confirmation of your application /or a fee-paying/ until June 15, 2021, inform us immediately, please. It may be a non-delivered e-mail or another fault.