Course-Fee and How to Pay

Full course-fee:


  • active participants /lessons in English, German or Russian language/:

   12 500 CZK /Czech Crowns/ for 5 lessons à 50 minutes

  • passive participants:

   4 300 CZK /whole course


The possibility to order and pay smaller number of lessons or even a single lesson or 1 day of a passive participation or to buy more 1 or 2 lessons extra additionally during courses /according to a capacity of a lector/

Course-fee in such case amounts

2 500  CZK for a single lesson

700  CZK for a day of passive participation

Free of charge:

  • parental attendances of all participants under age of 15 /if they are not piano-teachers or active-passive participants as well/

Doped charge:


How to pay:

please, payments deposit to Prague Conservatory bank account number: 2001630003, Bank Code 6000, Variable Symbol 72025.

As a message for recipient put in your name and as a purpose of the fee = course-fee.


Payment deadline: May 31, 2025


Important Notice:

your bank will probably take some charges within money’s transfer from your currency /EUR, USD etc./ to Czech Crowns /CZK/. It is necessary to learn it before not to pay the course-fee in net /short price/, but in gross amount /i.e. 12 500 CZK + possible bank charges/. 


Data for the international bank transfer:

IBAN : CZ31 6000 0000 0020 0163 0003


PPF Banka a.s.

Evropska 2690/17

160 41 Praha 6

Czech Republic



Organizer will confirm receiving of your application by e-mail in no time.

While the course fee comes to Conservatory bank account the Courses’ entrance will be confirmed in no time.


Notice: when you do not receive any confirmation of your application /or a fee-paying/ until June 10, 2025, inform us immediately, please. It may be a non-delivered e-mail or another fault.